Tailor shop Belisario Cacheda

Backed by a long family history, with father and grandfather tailor, destiny and future of Florentino Cacheda was continue the tradition of tailoring. In 1952, the family used to comunicate to the customers its latest in fabrics and qualities by this way: "Informs his distinguished customers that have new fabrics, especially for menswear tailoring, and is pleased to offer you it in the assurance that if you have a well-dressed in this house, you will not be disappointed, both in terms exceptional quality as in a careful work and unbeatable prices".


Rocosa Academy of fashion cutting

After his education in the public schools of Lalin, his training in the family, and his passion for fashion, it was inevitable that the education of Florentino Cacheda would be linked to the world of design. He began his career at Barcelona, where he stayed four years, combining his job in a fashion factory and his studies at the design school. This duality, work and studies, provides to Florentino a comprehensive training that would mark his career.



Homesickness and the love for his origins made that FLORENTINO company was founded in this place by the designer Florentino Cacheda. In the beginning, in 1970, Florentino Cacheda invested in a 1,700 m2 factory where is nowadays the centre of Lalin. In this first factory, the garments were manufactured until 1987, using what was by then, an industrial process with machinery toe.


Florentino Cacheda, an example of work and improvement

Florentino becomes an important figure in the industrial and economic areas in Galicia, as well as a leader in the international fashion, all this got with his tireless work, his love for Galicia and its conception of fashion as something free and constantly evolving.

A collection inspired by the "New look" of the 1950s

Florentino presents on Luada fashion show its spring/summer 1988 collection, composed by three lines, inspired by three fundamental concepts: the "New Look" of the 1950s, the spa look of the 1930s, and the sea. Old wool jackets, wrinkled fabrics, pale colours on shirts and short trousers made ??of plastic, combined with sandals and striped knitwear. The tissues become very important, with a rustic finish, as unfinished, but very worked.


1990 Spring/Summer Season

In the Spring / Summer 1990 season, the company is still called Sui Generis and in the campaign of the collection were presented classic clothes, like suits with soft and warm tones but also the trends of those years with shirts with colorful polka dots and prints impossible.

Fall/Winter 1990

In the Fall / Winter 1990 season, the collection was designed from the longing for the good taste, elegance and discretion, and the intention to satisfy the sensitivity and sophistication of the man of those times. In the shapes, we find the best spirit of the nineties: the urban sport, comfortable and short, and technology in tailoring, which allows a good result for the man of the moment.


The classic look is reinvented

For spring/summer 1991 season, Florentino presents an elegant but cool collection, composed of wide cut suits, according to the prevailing style, pale tones and basic prints, like stripes or squares, combined with other more daring ones, like flowers. The vision of the classic executive uniform softens and loses sophistication with cotton tees and short-sleeve shirts.

The importance of the accesories

Florentino, who was then calling himself Tino Cheda, presented for autumn/winter 1991 a collection in which wide cuts and winter fabrics, such as heavy wool and velvet, predominated. When it comes to the palette, highlighted black, grey and brown colours, as well as more striking tones, especially in party looks. Accessories such as scarves or cravats became essential.


The overlapping of clothes is the key

For the fall/winter 1992-93 collection, the designer gives a twist to the look of a perfect gentleman introducing more rustic materials such as thick wool, which splashes scarves, cardigans and turtleneck sweaters. Overlapping clothes is the key of looks that are warmed up with structured big blazers and three-quarter length coats. In this catalog, located in the beautiful city of Prague, the accessories (which have a very British style) are very important and add the final touch to every outfit.

Florentino is inspired by the South of Spain

For the spring of 1992, the brand suggests relaxed looks in clear tones and made of light and fresh fabrics, such as linen. Knit cardigans and sweaters give the casual touch to suits, that have wide but less strict cuts than in last seasons. Florentino is inspired by a Mediterranean man who demonstrates that cosmopolitanism and modernity are not at odds with tradition.


Florentino travels to the tropics

In the spring/summer of 1993, Florentino travels to the tropics to offer a more casual and relaxed collection, dominated by blazers and three-quarter coats mixed with Bermuda shorts and shirts in bright colours, like yellow, orange and intense blue. Both the garments and the way of wearing them acquire exotic dyes, accesorized with hats, braided leather belts and light coloured shoes.


Sensitivity and music create the atmosphere of a collection that focuses on austerity

For its fall/winter 1994 catalog, Florentino creates an atmosphere of deep sensitivity. Music is perhaps the purest evolution of feeling; Budapest, the city where culture comes to music. This collection is committed to a concept of austerity, through the use of aged tissues and the harmony of sober colours. A chic style that reaches both the aesthetic and the will and intelligence of those who make it unique.

Spring / summer 1994: the fusion of fashion and art

Elegance is not born in the forms, but in the person . This collection is presented with the image of a man with personality, who knows everything that reflects his character and defines his elegance. An elegance that is unmistakable and never separated from the activities whom know the value of the real things. Florentino draws the profile of this man, whose authenticity is not manifested in aspects that we usually show, but in the closest ones to culture and art in their multiple forms. The Oriental Art is the setting where style and culture meet, using their original environments as scenery of this catalogue and knowing directly the work of its most prominent creators. A content-rich art, as the collection of spring/summer 1994 is. A fashion that transforms the image, commonly stereotyped, of the contemporary man, in a new one: the man who develops all its facets and who has a mindset suitable to the reality of our times.


Splendid Sicilia

Florentino`s Spring/Summer 1995 collection is full of vitality in the atmosphere and landscapes of Sicily representing the union and the splendour of the Greek and Roman culture, fundamental pillars of the modern world and still today they rise majestically between the Mediterranean land and sky.

New York, New York

In the Fall/Winter 1995 season, Florentino enters New York between the lights and shadows, presenting a contrast of concepts integrated in the environment.

A constantly moving environment, full of life, with cultures and skycrapers that are hiding incredible sites among them.

Where the Florentino man is in a constant search. The result of a profesional requierement and improvement that you can find back in a businessman with imposing presence and perfect elegance. Where we find a collection that captures sober and dark colors, straight cuts, classic and comfortable designs..


“I do not know what is to be bored. I enjoy all things and especially my work”

“Firmness and constancy: The keys to success”

Florentino is a persistent worker who has become a key piece in the Galician textile industry. He loves his native land and, because of this, he rejected very important opportunities, such as working in the United States or setting up a factory on the border with Mexico. "If the company were not in Lalín, it would probably not exist," Florentino said in an interview for Newspaper "Faro de Vigo" in 1996. For him, one of the sources of inspiration and decision is the street, and he is clear about which one is the best city to feel those doses of inspiration. “If I had to choose a city I would say Florence. If I ever left Lalin, which is not going to happen, I would like to live in this Italian city full of art”, he said in the interview. The evolution and growth of the company are due to his capacity of working hard, with the same illusion and freshness as when he decided to start with this business.


The fall/winter collection of Florentino in 1996 releases energy and sophistication. Garments with a clearly office style, in which dark garments take over, as well as leather jackets or coats, in contrast to suits and accessories, which tend to beige ranges or simple patterns.


Harmony of styles New Orleans, city of improvised music, served as inspiration for one of the warmest and most relaxed Florentino collections, in 1996. Jazz, rythm and blues and he musical references of the time are perceived in the cut of the suits and the tones of each piece. A bet on the classic style, with great harmony in contrasts.


Geometric Games

In the fall / winter season of 1997 there is a clear predominance of sobriety and dark tones. The clothes convey a sense of independence and difference. Geometric patterns are key at this time. In addition, minimalism extols the person between the lights and shadows.

The balance of contrasts

Spring / Summer 1997 collection represented a modern and attractive alternative, in contrast to previous seasons. The color becomes the focus of attention of each garment. The darker and neutral tones are combined with bright yellows, greens and blues. Undoubtedly, a collection in which the movement and balanced but striking shapes rise above the more classic styles of the past.


Florentino is honored for his work as an entrepreneur

Florentino Cacheda received the award for the Voice of the Year of the Company in a ceremony held on April 3, 1998. The gala was held at a public party attended by more than one hundred people, representing the main sectors of the area. José Luis Gómez, the director of Publications of the Voz Group, was also in charge of presiding over the events. He also presented the prizes for culture, environment, politics, solidarity and sport.

Habit dresses the mind

The brightness and satin fabrics are the focus of the spring / summer collection of 1998. The garments show a classic and comfortable style and tend to soft tones, despite the wide variety of ranges and colors. It is a collection that seeks to convey a lifestyle, an attitude to day to day: that of courage, strength and elegance.

Urban Style

The Florentino autumn / winter collection for 1998 aims to dress the man who seeks the harmony between comfort and style, between casual and formal. It offers a revision of the working look in its more urban version, using coats and dark jackets, in contrast to shirts and color complements.


Florentino style conquers the fashion press

Since Florentino began his immersion in the industry, it is usual to find, on the pages of the most popular fashion magazines in Spain, looks made using garments of its collections. Here, in a fashion special of the year 1999, Florentino brings a relaxed but elegant touch to the styling, always in its line of neutral tones, but with a tilt this time towards the blue, more typical of the summer season.

The suit renvented

Freshness, both in the selection of fabrics and in the shapes and contours of each garment, is the word that best defines the Spring / Summer 1999 collection. Suit-style cut jackets, loose-fitting pants and neutral-toned jerseys and jerseys are the star garments of the seasons. The range of blues and grays predominate, especially in suits and accessories.

Urban and minimalist

Florentino dresses the man in a minimal way, using total looks with simple patterns. It is a style formed by pure lines and without adornments or artifices. The fashion of this era is full of trousers and coats with a straight cut, mixing them with jerseys with turtlenecks.


Light fashion

The spring/summer collection of the year 2000 encourages reflection and the adoption of a more leisurely attitude towards the arrival of a new century. The fabrics, much lighter than in previous collections, allow to create looks that stand out for their freshness and lightness.

Florentino conquers Paris

Florentino Cacheda presented his autumn/winter collection for the year 2000 in the City of Light, together with other renowned Galician designers and entrepreneurs, such as Adolfo Domínguez or Kina Fernández. Florentino has since participated in other important fashion fairs, such as Pitti or Eurostyle, thus consolidating an international expansion project.

Class and confort for the men of the XXI century

With the arrival of the new millenium, Florentino makes a be on outwear with comfortable and relaxed style. Wool jerseys, turtle necks and complements – scarfs, hats, watches and belts – become the centre of attention of a fall/Winter collection that, even so, feels really warm.


Eleganza on the coast

The cool and fresh atmosphere of the Italian ports inspires the creation of this new season. The ranges of blue and gray, along with comfortable and light fabrics, bring the most casual look, as opposed to the more formal collection, where we find suits with traditional cut.

All terrain style

Florentino’s fall/winter collection of 2001 surrenders to dark tones and waterproof fabrics. Comfortable clothes, elegant and adaptable to any occasion, that allow you to create outfits to go to work, but also for a day outdoors where anything can happen.

Florentino.com, fashion for the net

In 2001, La Voz de Galicia echoed the recently opened FLORENTINO website, which they defined as “avant-gardist”, and lauded the way in which it perfectly translated the design and creativity of the brand. The multiplicity of languages of the page also favored its international expansion, besides being an innovative bet in the Galician textile scene.


Florentino, elected “Galician of April” for his commitment to Santiago de Compostela.

Florentino and his store in Santiago de Compostela, pioneers of the textile industry The group Correo Gallego named Florentino Cacheda “Galician of the month of April” in 2002, as a homage to his professional career and his commitment to the city of Santiago de Compostela, where that same week he inaugurated a new fashion space, pioneer in Spain. This emblematic shop, located in a monumental building of the old area, became a benchmark of modernity and style, even counting on a hall for private parades.

Modern and urban

The FLORENTINO spring/summer collection in 2002 is conceived for the urban man, who is also modern and addicted to new emotions. Comfortable styling, with predominance of shirts with stripes and plaid, jeans and shapes that tend to baggy.

Antagonistic styles

Florentino launched, in the fall/winter of 2002, two very different but complementary collections: classic and casual. In the more classic version, the protagonism rests on the suits and blazers, that tend to the designs in wide stripes, as well as the turtle-neck jerseys, generally in ranges of black, blue and beige. In the casual collection, we found thicker and warmer fabrics, such as corduroy of flannels, in garments with informal style such as vests and jackets.


Chic on the road

The autumn/winter collection of 2003 becomes a fusion of styles: elegance and freshness, tradition and modernity. The garments in dark tones, with fabrics where jean and corduroy abound, give off a certain retro air. Outfits that transmit a unique and renewed FLORENTINO lifestyle: the one of the man willing to take risks without losing a touch of elegance.

Florentino in movement

The spring/summer of 2003 was altered by urban and dynamic spirit. Trousers and shirts with geometric designs, accessories, colorful footwear and suits with casual cut are the star pieces of a collection characterized by its freshness and movement.

Florentino Cacheda, the creator of the “made in” Lalín of the fashion world

Florentino and his empire, under examination In June 2003, the popular newspaper El Correo Gallego published and extensive and interesting report on the figure of Florentino Cacheda, analyzing in detail the success of the man behind the empire of the textile sector, from its beginnings in the Catalan industry to the legacy that he aspire to will to his two children.


The image of Santiago will travel the world in the catalog of Florentino

Moda en el camino

Fashion on the path In 2004, FLORENTINO set its autumn-winter collections in the Galician capital and different places of the Jacobean Route. In this report, made by El Correo Gallego, the designer explained that the chosen scenery to expose his designs was a tribute to his homeland, an attempt to reflect the sentimental and mystical part of the Santiago’s Road.

Oriental nature

The exotic environment of the Thai capital impregnates the spring/summer collection of 2004. The color and perkiness of Bangkok are perceived in every garment. Shirts and shorts, with looser designs and light fabrics, contrast with more casual and casual jackets and sweaters

On the way to elegance

The most emblematic places on the Jacobean Route served as a source of inspiration for Florentino when he created the 2004 autumn/winter collection. In this tribute to the fashion made in Galicia, we find a collection led by jeans, tweeds, colored shirts and parkas. Comfortable and versatile clothes that allow the man to face any weather change.


Sports inclination

Without a doubt, the spring/summer collection of 2005 is the most sportive so far. The warm and cold tones come together in a wide variety of ranges: yellow, green, blue and orange, intense and festive colors. The design of the garments, even of the more traditional suits, is clearly renewed and tends to the fresh fabrics and with geometric engravings.

The new casual

In contrast to the summer collection, the autumn/winter of 2005 presents a darker style than usual. Silky and elegant fabrics, like corduroy or velvet, create relaxed stylings but with a touch of seemingly fortuitous sophistication.

An afternoon aboard the fashion boat

Moda en el camino

FLORENTINO participated in the year 2005 as sponsor of one of the candidates for the podium of the trophy Presidente da Xunta of IMS 670. The boat Florentino belonged to Javier Puerta, the skipper of the trendy boat, who led an amateur crew that managed to finally win in Baiona at the beginning of November that same year.


The new navy

The fusion between the sporty and youthful spirit of the polos, shorts and jackets and the retro and sophisticated airs of the shirts and suits inspire the spring/summer collection of the year 2006. Both the more casual and the formal collection give off a vibrant style characterized by color and personality.

Sophisticated warmth

In the autumn/winter collection of 2006, the outerwear becomes the center of attention. Americanas, parkas and coats in dark tones, from brown to gray and black, made with sober and traditional fabrics, result in stylings that bring warmth and comfort to the modern man.

Florentino designs the new outfit of the celestial team

In 2006, FLORENTINO was in charge of designing and elaborating the costumes of the team of the Real Club Celta. Florentino Cacheda traveled to Vigo, accompanied by an assistant, to take measures to the players and club staff. All members of the team were happy with the result and proudly displayed the costumes made by FLORENTINO


Simplicity and character

In the spring/summer collection of FLORENTINO in 2007 we find garments full of freshness, simplicity and naturalness. The shapes of the suits, tighter fit than previous seasons, focus attention on color, where the beige, gray and blue ranges stand out.

Sobriety in black

A collection in which an austere and uniform style predominates. In the fall/winter season of 2007 the suit jackets and blazer become the center of attention, mixing a forma, urban and casual style. Accesories such as hats, scarvez and purses, always in a single tone and traditional fabrics, put the touch of modernity to this collection.

If i have achieved something, it is that others see in me the person that i really am - Florentino Cacheda

Moda en el camino

Year of great successes in which Florentino was the designer of football team suits as Real Club Celta or Unión Deportiva Almería or to dress the dancer of the Ópera de Paris, Jose Martínez. A year where we could see the most intimate facet of the entrepreneur and designer in an interesting interview conducted by dear Enrique Beotas, where he told us his interests, hobbies, dreams and wishes for the future. A complete and original profile of the personality of the founder of one the most renowned national men´s firms.a

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